How Can I Help You?

If you are a writer or author you have found the right place. We will take a look a look at your manuscript, what exactly needs polishing and where to go from there. If you have any specific points you want feedback on, that is perfectly doable as well.

* For any of the long-form services, I can provide a free sample of your work of about 1000-words before proceeding to go with the service.*

Beta Reading 

Beta reading is for the writers seeking a second pair of eyes to read their work. They are a fundamental part in the telling of your story: does the plot hold the reader over? How’s the pacing? Is your voice consistent? The key here is having a person who is completely objective, with no emotional investment in you or your work.

I will provide a written report for you and if you want me to include anything specific, you can just let me know.

I provide beta reading services at the rate of $1.50 per 1000 words.

Line Editing

Line editing should preferably come after copy editing or developmental editing.

When I line edit, I am looking at the following:

  • Circumlocation
  • POV Errors
  • Awkward sentence construction
  • Showing v. Telling
  • Irrelevant superfluous language/vagueness
  • Pacing
  • Choppy sentences
  • Grammar tense inconsistencies
  • Excessive dialogue

This is looking at it at the sentence and paragraph level.

This includes light copy editing. 

I provide line editing services at the rate of .006 per word.


Proofreading should be one of the last looks of the editing process. It is to catch errors that could have been missed (grammar, spelling, etc) and is not meant to rework the entire manuscript.

The rate for proofreading is 1.50 per page.

Other Edits

I can edit blog posts, articles, websites, query letters, newsletters, etc. if less than 1000 words for $30.

* I write blog posts or articles for the same rate of $30.
*For all long-form manuscripts, I can return at a minimum of two weeks. For shorter pieces, I can return within a week.
* “Rush” Jobs: There will be a 25% up-charge for work that has a “tight” deadline. For short stories or “Other Edits” that means jobs that take under 48 hours. Any longer works that need to be completed in under a week would constitute as a “rush” job.