Mommy’s Home: Poem

“Mom?” I’d whisper in the darkness
I knew she could sense me
She protected me like a harness.

“Please” I’d beg and cry
My mother was strong, that was fact
I knew we wouldn’t die
But it was often hard to tell, with daddy on the attack.

“No” I felt like screaming, whimpering
through my tears
Slamming myself into my cage, her body
I wanted to be burn but daddy

I knew he wouldn’t have me;
I could tell from the very start.
He would constantly tell my mother
“Lets go and rip this one apart.”

She would scream “no” and he would tell her “yes”
And my mother’s face would be in the windshield,
breaking the glass.

He wanted me dead and
Now I’m alive instead
and I knew
One day he’d beat her, til she’s dead

Now mom has no more pulse and
is in the ground
with bugs around.

And I can’t help but think of me to be the same.

The whole reading and writing thang

Writing a blog is tough! Hard work. Especially if you’re writing #365 like me 🙂 heh! No complaints here though.

It’s tough to pick a niche so why not write about everything like me? Hehehee. This is more of a lifestyle blog: Travel, school, writings, yoga. Of course, I am a writer so I share some poems and short stories that I have written from years ago until I eventually catch up to now. It’ll be more recent works but until then I want to share the poetry I used to write (I never write poems anymore).

I read more than I write (college heh) so let’s give you a list of my currently reading:

1. The Great Alone (being made a movie!!)

2. You (Current Netflix series)

The reads that are coming soon:

1. 1984

2. Game of Thrones

And the reads I finished just recently:

1. Cocktails for Three

2. Passing by Nella Larsen

All of these books are so completely different from one another but still completely interesting and grips you from the beginning.

I’ll make a list of MUST READS for the summer soon. Books, books, books. My favorite!

Home – Poem

To have something to go home to

That’s all I ever wanted

My siblings stayed while I flew

A stalker can make you feel haunted

I guess you can say my flaws were flaunted

He couldn’t find me

In my dreams I was taunted.

Darkness Sonnet: A Poem

Darkness is not as dark as my dad’s eyes

When he left no one thought he’d close the door.
He didn’t just close but slammed it with lies,
It’s fine; none of us could take it any more
Loneliness is not a defense, he always said
Life isn’t easy, not like your mother
And yes, he knows, Jameson will have em’ dead
So come on now boy, pour me another
He can’t help himself my mom always says
Is that an excuse for his lifeless soul?
You reap what you sew when your life’s a mess
He will rot in the ground and burn like coal
So as said, that door is slammed shut and won’t
Open again,

he made his own coffin.

The Dilemma I Find With Creative Writing Classes

Don’t get me wrong here now, writing creatively for me is a passion. It is my livelihood, it enhances all my senses and provides a thrill I constantly seek. If I could be an author and write books as my lifestyle, gladly would choose that. (Special Surprise coming your way!)
But I’ve often had a difficult time liking creative writing classes, despite my overwhelming interest in it.

I took a creative writing class in high school. Loved it. Love, love, love. My teacher had just come back from teaching English in South Korea and was totally worldly and engaging so the stories that she told I found myself in another world. Her exercises and prompts were also fun and got me to think outside of the box. During high school summer break, I decided upon myself that I’d go to a writing camp for a week, which I was also totally obsessed with. Then came college.

I did not enjoy my first creative writing class. I found it tedious. We’d get short story prompts about novels that we were reading – basically it felt as if I were writing some type of fan fiction. My purpose of taking the class was to discuss, workshop, practice getting better at cultivating my art form. I wanted a class that focuses more on MY writing, as in the writing and stories I already have going, than a class on learning different styles of writing. Perhaps it’s just me not finding the right class, but I think it was more than that.

For the most part, I’ve found a lot of creative writing professors to be pompous and arrogant in their styles. They think their writing is superb (which, like most writers, don’t we all think our own works suck??? Not these professors!) It’s just disturbing.

And no, I am NOT claiming that I’m an amazing writer at all. My whole purpose of having a blog is just to flex my writing muscles! But that doesn’t mean to say that they are perfect writers themselves.

Maybe one day I’ll find the writing class I’ve been looking for.