I guess this specific post is a conglomeration of many different ideas/projects I’ve been working on, that have been not-so-neatly tied together. I don’t know what to blog about because I feel like I’ve blogged about it all, but in reality I haven’t gotten through almost anything. So consider it not a blog. I feelContinue reading

10 Things You’ll Always Find In My Backpack

I am sure everyone has their safekeeping on them. There’s just somethings you can’t live without, right? Credit Card I always have a form of payment on me, whether that be a credit card or a $20 bill stuffed in the bottom of my bag. I always get scared if I’m stranded in the middleContinue reading “10 Things You’ll Always Find In My Backpack”


Can we all just take a minute to let the news soak in for this week? There is WAY too much drama. Stuff that is real, stuff that’s not, stuff that confuses me so much. I just want us all to take a minute, sit, and let this all soak in. I normally don’t talk politicsContinue reading “The Chit Chat. WHAT IS GOING ON THIS WEEK?!”

Does Bumble BFF Actually Work?

Honestly, I know people have all heard of the dating sites “Tinder”, “Match.com”, whatever. There’s Bumble as well, but Bumble also has two other sections: one for business and one for BFF. The BFF section can only be for girls, or guys, or both. But just friends. A lot of people use the page toContinue reading “Does Bumble BFF Actually Work?”

Lavender By The Bay, “Date Day”, Long Island

Located in East Marion, NY, this is one of the cutest little areas to go for a day trip out east. It is field of lavender, accepts cash or card and looks like seemingly endless fields of lavender. Obviously, it smells amazing. They have a shop where you can buy the local lavender, oils, etc.Continue reading “Lavender By The Bay, “Date Day”, Long Island”