How Can I Help You?

If you are a writer or author you have found the right place. We will take a look a look at your manuscript, what exactly needs polishing and where to go from there. If you have any specific points you want feedback on, that is perfectly doable as well.

* For any of the long-form services, I can provide a free sample of your work of about 1000-words before proceeding to go with the service.*

Beta Reading 

Beta reading is for the writers seeking a second pair of eyes to read their work. They are a fundamental part in the telling of your story: does the plot hold the reader over? How’s the pacing? Is your voice consistent? The key here is having a person who is completely objective, with no emotional investment in you or your work.

I will provide a written report for you and if you want me to include anything specific, you can just let me know.

I provide beta reading services at the rate of $1.50 per 1000 words.

Line Editing

Line editing should preferably come after copy editing or developmental editing.

When I line edit, I am looking at the following:

  • Circumlocation
  • POV Errors
  • Awkward sentence construction
  • Showing v. Telling
  • Irrelevant superfluous language/vagueness
  • Pacing
  • Choppy sentences
  • Grammar tense inconsistencies
  • Excessive dialogue

This is looking at it at the sentence and paragraph level.

This includes light copy editing. 

I provide line editing services at the rate of .006 per word.


Proofreading should be one of the last looks of the editing process. It is to catch errors that could have been missed (grammar, spelling, etc) and is not meant to rework the entire manuscript.

The rate for proofreading is 1.50 per page.

Other Edits

I can edit blog posts, articles, websites, query letters, newsletters, etc. if less than 1000 words for $30.

* I write blog posts or articles for the same rate of $30.
*For all long-form manuscripts, I can return at a minimum of two weeks. For shorter pieces, I can return within a week.
* “Rush” Jobs: There will be a 25% up-charge for work that has a “tight” deadline. For short stories or “Other Edits” that means jobs that take under 48 hours. Any longer works that need to be completed in under a week would constitute as a “rush” job. 




I guess this specific post is a conglomeration of many different ideas/projects I’ve been working on, that have been not-so-neatly tied together.

I don’t know what to blog about because I feel like I’ve blogged about it all, but in reality I haven’t gotten through almost anything. So consider it not a blog. I feel like Cersei Lannister when she had to walk through the city naked with people yelling shame—that’s how writer’s block feels like.

Okay that was even a bit dramatic even for me.

Writers block is tricky, but I feel like the best way to push through it is:

A.     By having a group of supportive, encouraging writer-friends that love you and want you to succeed and endure the stress of writing with them.
B.      TRAVELLING ❤ seeing new places, meeting new people, experiencing new things will usually be just the right dose to begin writing again.
C.     Reading: definitely helps. Inspires new plots, stories, characters, ideas. Sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t. The best writers are the best readers so never a bad idea.
D.    Journaling…/blogging. Ha. Now you know why I’m here.

I must say that I don’t *l0Ve* blogging, but I don’t hate it. It feels weird though, as most of my blog posts are personal thoughts that the internet can read. Basically like a Facebook rant/ story that gets posted on a different platform to not clog everyone’s newsfeed… In other words, you’re welcome.

I decided to stick with the whole blogging thing because apparently some people do enjoy it. It’s just hard to decipher—what should be shared, versus what I should be keeping to myself. I don’t want to look like a crazy person, however it’s hard to hide a crazy person as not being crazy. See, I sound psychotic.

These are some of the topics though that I have thought about delving into:

–         Anxiety/Panic Attacks: Ways to Cope/Why, As a Generation, Are we experiencing so much anxiety… and then delving into the notions of vibrational frequencies and yogi talk I know only a few people have even read about. BTW, I don’t have panic attacks or anxiety anymore, really, so… anyone going through it, you should know, that it can be changed!! There’s hope!
–         Jeffrey Epstein did not commit suicide yet nobody is talking about it.
–         The despise I have for the mainstream media.
–         Game of Thrones: Not like Spoilers or Critiquing it, more just analysis. Especially because I am reading the books and like… wow, the history that this guy Martin knows is pretty amazing. I guess more of a discussion about it.
–         Slatestarcodex/The Rationalist Community/Lesswrong: I don’t know where to get started with this, but there’s just so much to say. And I’ve never commented on his posts, I am just an avid reader of them. He’s very well spoken… (well-written?) #englishmajorthatcantenglish
–         Houses: Remodeling/fixing/renovating. In the same breath, crafts. I guess a hands-on creative project posts that I’d write about.
–         WAYS TO MAKE SOME $$$$: SEE, the whole thing is, in a nutshell: the real estate twitter community, Gary Vee: these people give FREE info away, because how many people are actually going to follow through with what they suggest? Not many. I’d like to write a post about this.
–         30% of Americans have a passport(?)

I don’t know. These are the things that I personally find interesting to talk about, so I guess what I’m trying to say is I have no issue discussing this with other like-minded people. This is what goes on inside my head so. Good times.

10 Things You’ll Always Find In My Backpack

I am sure everyone has their safekeeping on them. There’s just somethings you can’t live without, right?

  1. Credit Card

I always have a form of payment on me, whether that be a credit card or a $20 bill stuffed in the bottom of my bag. I always get scared if I’m stranded in the middle of nowhere and need to get home… yes, this is what I think about.

  1. Phone

My phone is usually almost always on my person. Or around me, in my backpack somewhere. I lose it sometimes but for the most part try to keep it in one spot so I don’tlose it.

  1. ID

I saw an episode on TV once (maybe on Oprah?) of this sports team that got into a major accident on a school bus and someone didn’t have ID on them or something and kids were dead… super traumatic, bottom line it scared me and I always try to keep my Id in my bag.

  1. Deodorant

Not even kidding. I always have deodorant in my bag. For multiple reasons, the first one being I work in restaurants. You run around for 8+ hours, you start to sweat. I work outdoors half the time in this summer heat. And not gonna lie, you never know who else might need it.

  1. Pens

I guess you can just call me a hoarder of pens. I always have one in my bag, usually a lot, and typically one has exploded and made a mess. You can only imagine what the inside of this backpack looks like…

  1. Guest Check Pad

I’m sure every server can relate. I have a million of them between both jobs, with last night’s orders written and scribbled out all over them. I usually always have one in my backpack, JUST IN CASE!

  1. T-Shirt

I typically always have an extra shirt in my backpack. I live far from both jobs and my friends live there and my coworkers and like…What if I want to go out after?

  1. Change

The bottom of my bag is like a piggy bank of coins. I jingle everywhere I go like Christmas bells are ringing.

  1. Sunscreen

I work in the sun!! I only have the sunscreen for the face so I can rub it on my cheeks, half the time I forget though. #winner

  1. Agenda

ALWAYS! This is what my life revolves around!

There you have it! This is what I always try to keep in my backpack so I don’t need to be scrambling around trying to find everything I own. I’m more of a backpack girl, but the same would apply when I’ve been in my purse-stages of life. But YES, there you go.

P.S One thing you’ll never find on me is chapstick, especially when my lips are chapped and I desperately need it.


My Review On INTERSTELLAR (Spoilers)

Interstellar is about a family, with a dynamic that consisted of leaving his ten year old daughter and teenage son to space travel in hopes of finding a better world for them and ultimately in hope for the future to sustain the human race. All of his decisions were based on the idea of his family.

Honestly this film was a slow start for me to get into, but I personally did end up loving it. It was really good and consisted of a lot of things that we, as a human race, really need to be thinking about. This played on theories that might have been deemed as unimportant, but really do strike my interest.

One factor I considered was this: when scarcity in resources happens, it confines a persona’s mentality like how they were trying to focus on Earth and engineering didn’t matter anymore, they didn’t need them, they needed farmers. They weren’t considering space exploration and really it was as if it was forbidden as nobody even knew about it which can translate into that “survivor” mentality that the “working poor” have in America today, what brings us back to the reality that we are in. This really awakens a sense of trust–or distrust– in our government, the knowledge that is being presented to us, the knowledge that we might not know, the whole “ignorance is bliss” can ring true here since yeah, their world was not blissful but it wasn’t pointing to demise in the eyes of people, nor was it pointing to hope. It was pointing to a plateau, which might be considered worse. Cooper did know what would happen to their planet which is why he went into save-the-world mode and really did start something regardless if that’s not exactly where he wanted to have landed (no pun intended).

Summer Class: PROS/CONS

I can’t even believe I’m writing this.

I took THREE SUMMER CLASSES this summer.

Do you understand how stressed I am? LMAO.

They are all online, but they’re also all English classes. Do you know how much paper-writing I have to do?

It’s a good thing I LOVE TO WRITE!

I just don’t like writing papers. So. There goes that.

It’s fine though, I’m living. Well, I’m breathing. I’m not like “Hey living life right now” material, but I am alive. So sometimes that’s just good enough, right?

My first class was about female writers. I really liked it because it was a lot of Austen, Atwood and Wolstoncraft. Some of my favorites. I did pretty well in the class and my teacher was really nice and understanding so I of course loved her as well.

My second class was 20th century literature… nothing special. It was mostly work I’ve already read since I’m an English major, and an avid reader anyway, so it wasn’t too hard.

Like I said, just a lot of papers. It’s a lot in quantity but it’s also supposed to be anywhere between 15-20 page papers over here.

Just takes up a lot of time, you know?

Now I’m in my last summer class, sci-fy, which I do enjoy to be honest. I got to watch Interstellar which I had been meaning to watch for forever now.


Not taking as many classes in the fall


This summer has been shot.


Does Bumble BFF Actually Work?

Honestly, I know people have all heard of the dating sites “Tinder”, “”, whatever. There’s Bumble as well, but Bumble also has two other sections: one for business and one for BFF.

The BFF section can only be for girls, or guys, or both. But just friends. A lot of people use the page to promote businesses they might have: estheticians, hair stylists, make up, social media content, etc. Others are genuinely looking for friends, people to go out and meet up with, some have recently moved to the area.

Personally I found out that Bumble even had this option as a connection through my best friend who lives in North Carolina and she had gotten some clients using it. She encouraged me to download it since I recently moved to a new area and I figured, okay, what the heck, why not? So far I haven’t made that “BFF-Connection”, but I definitely have made friends with some cool, interesting people. It’s a fun little networking app that definitely has it’s perks to it!

Lavender By The Bay, “Date Day”, Long Island

Located in East Marion, NY, this is one of the cutest little areas to go for a day trip out east. It is field of lavender, accepts cash or card and looks like seemingly endless fields of lavender. Obviously, it smells amazing. They have a shop where you can buy the local lavender, oils, etc. It’s all so pleasant. It’s a day out in the sun! (Also happened to be our first day off of the entire summer! YUP! No beach days for us 🙂

We were walking down the fields and I decided I needed some pictures since it was oh-so picturesque despite the bees – they were bumble bees! They don’t sting!

Afterwards we went to Greenport in town and went to some bourgeoise pizza place. It was pretty cute since they had Greek flags hanging in the alley way so I was like “AYYY!” to my Italian boyfriend. Don’t catch me out in public because I’m too crazy.

We had fabulous meatballs and pizza we couldn’t finish.

Whatever time we got home, we had a dip in the pool and played with the pup, Ryder. It was literally one of those dates out of the movies how picturesque and smoothly everything went.

Plastic Straws and The Alternative

While in Orlando I decided to give something else a try…. getting rid of my use of plastic straws. I carried a metal straw every day instead which I got for $20 from obeehive. It’s a better alternative than using plastic.

It was easy. I never needed a straw and instead had this metal one to replace it. The amount of straws I actually didn’t use was quite a few so it made me a lot more aware!! I encourage everyone to buy their own reusable straw and do this as well.

Every little bit of effort counts in making this world a better place, so doing your part even if it means using a reusable straw is still a great feat. Many will pose the question, “straws aren’t even that big of a deal” “I’m only 1 person”; well if restaurants and places have to buy less straws to begin with then that is doing something to their market. Maybe it’ll become just as affordable to buy eco-friendly straws!

Anyway, rant over. Get yourself a reusable straw, they’re easy to use, convenient and most come with a case and a little straw cleaner as well!

Sharing Poetry Is Tough

There’s so many reasons why I am for and against sharing poetry. I like the idea of sharing it due to the fact that like… I want people to read my stuff. I want them to relate. I want them to connect with me, or I just want their reaction of “wow”. Obviously some poetry is too cliche, some is too non relatable, but either way, I like the idea of poetry can connect people on a deeper level.

I just hate sharing poetry because it can feel like giving away a piece of me. Someone might hate it, judge me so harshly, meanwhile it felt like I was pouring my soul out while I wrote it. This is just the qualms of being a writer, I guess.

One of my favorite things about sharing poetry though is when people write to me telling me how they couldn’t put that thought, or that feeling into words, but that it describes them perfectly. Such a rewarding feeling.

A lot of people aren’t as in tune to their feelings either. It doesn’t matter. It’s fine. I’ll just keep posting my poetry and hope you all love it. Kloveubye.

Shortstack Modeling (my experience from 2016!)

Let me break it down for you since this is one of the best programs out there for young woman and if you reside in the NYC metro area should be definitely something to consider.

The basic requirements is 14-24 year olds of all different shapes and sizes. It’s a dream of a gig: you audition to be a model- you don’t need any experience, you don’t have to be 5’10. You don’t have to have a particular style or any of the above- simply just need one thing: and that’s to be yourself. On top of all the photo shoots and the runway experience at the end, it’s free.

Shortstack works as a bit of a two-fold process. There’s the whole “modeling”, “photo shoots”, and learning how to actually pose. But first, this is what sets them apart. They have self-esteem workshops, team building exercises, helping not only your self growth but instead of it being made into a skewed competition, everyone is cheering for one another. You learn to love them as if they’re your own sister and you become a family. They have lovely directors and the creators who made it all possible to begin with are so admirable.

My own experience happened like this: I heard of it by people who were in Queens when I was around 16. No way in hell would I have had the nerve to model back then. I was a total tomboy. Why would I be into fashion? Next, my ex boyfriend and I broke up a month before auditions. Okay, maybe I do have some spare time. I convinced one of my BFFs to apply with me (she’s all into the hair/makeup biz) and we did it. Auditioned. I had stage fright and the idea of people staring at me could’ve made me vomit but I got over it.

I legitimately loved every person in my year. The runway show was a total thrill. I met older girls who gave me life and we’re apart of the “veterans” so I had a couple of amazing ladies to aspire to radiate that confidence and sexiness. I had my first experience of being on a radio show to talk!

Shortstack changed me as a person and transformed my outlook on life: I could do anything.

I will forever be grateful to my impulse in “just doing it”, the inspiring people I came to love and the support they gave me emotionally and mentally. And hell yeah I did my first runway show!