I guess this specific post is a conglomeration of many different ideas/projects I’ve been working on, that have been not-so-neatly tied together.

I don’t know what to blog about because I feel like I’ve blogged about it all, but in reality I haven’t gotten through almost anything. So consider it not a blog. I feel like Cersei Lannister when she had to walk through the city naked with people yelling shame—that’s how writer’s block feels like.

Okay that was even a bit dramatic even for me.

Writers block is tricky, but I feel like the best way to push through it is:

A.     By having a group of supportive, encouraging writer-friends that love you and want you to succeed and endure the stress of writing with them.
B.      TRAVELLING ❤ seeing new places, meeting new people, experiencing new things will usually be just the right dose to begin writing again.
C.     Reading: definitely helps. Inspires new plots, stories, characters, ideas. Sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t. The best writers are the best readers so never a bad idea.
D.    Journaling…/blogging. Ha. Now you know why I’m here.

I must say that I don’t *l0Ve* blogging, but I don’t hate it. It feels weird though, as most of my blog posts are personal thoughts that the internet can read. Basically like a Facebook rant/ story that gets posted on a different platform to not clog everyone’s newsfeed… In other words, you’re welcome.

I decided to stick with the whole blogging thing because apparently some people do enjoy it. It’s just hard to decipher—what should be shared, versus what I should be keeping to myself. I don’t want to look like a crazy person, however it’s hard to hide a crazy person as not being crazy. See, I sound psychotic.

These are some of the topics though that I have thought about delving into:

–         Anxiety/Panic Attacks: Ways to Cope/Why, As a Generation, Are we experiencing so much anxiety… and then delving into the notions of vibrational frequencies and yogi talk I know only a few people have even read about. BTW, I don’t have panic attacks or anxiety anymore, really, so… anyone going through it, you should know, that it can be changed!! There’s hope!
–         Jeffrey Epstein did not commit suicide yet nobody is talking about it.
–         The despise I have for the mainstream media.
–         Game of Thrones: Not like Spoilers or Critiquing it, more just analysis. Especially because I am reading the books and like… wow, the history that this guy Martin knows is pretty amazing. I guess more of a discussion about it.
–         Slatestarcodex/The Rationalist Community/Lesswrong: I don’t know where to get started with this, but there’s just so much to say. And I’ve never commented on his posts, I am just an avid reader of them. He’s very well spoken… (well-written?) #englishmajorthatcantenglish
–         Houses: Remodeling/fixing/renovating. In the same breath, crafts. I guess a hands-on creative project posts that I’d write about.
–         WAYS TO MAKE SOME $$$$: SEE, the whole thing is, in a nutshell: the real estate twitter community, Gary Vee: these people give FREE info away, because how many people are actually going to follow through with what they suggest? Not many. I’d like to write a post about this.
–         30% of Americans have a passport(?)

I don’t know. These are the things that I personally find interesting to talk about, so I guess what I’m trying to say is I have no issue discussing this with other like-minded people. This is what goes on inside my head so. Good times.

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