10 Things You’ll Always Find In My Backpack

I am sure everyone has their safekeeping on them. There’s just somethings you can’t live without, right?

  1. Credit Card

I always have a form of payment on me, whether that be a credit card or a $20 bill stuffed in the bottom of my bag. I always get scared if I’m stranded in the middle of nowhere and need to get home… yes, this is what I think about.

  1. Phone

My phone is usually almost always on my person. Or around me, in my backpack somewhere. I lose it sometimes but for the most part try to keep it in one spot so I don’tlose it.

  1. ID

I saw an episode on TV once (maybe on Oprah?) of this sports team that got into a major accident on a school bus and someone didn’t have ID on them or something and kids were dead… super traumatic, bottom line it scared me and I always try to keep my Id in my bag.

  1. Deodorant

Not even kidding. I always have deodorant in my bag. For multiple reasons, the first one being I work in restaurants. You run around for 8+ hours, you start to sweat. I work outdoors half the time in this summer heat. And not gonna lie, you never know who else might need it.

  1. Pens

I guess you can just call me a hoarder of pens. I always have one in my bag, usually a lot, and typically one has exploded and made a mess. You can only imagine what the inside of this backpack looks like…

  1. Guest Check Pad

I’m sure every server can relate. I have a million of them between both jobs, with last night’s orders written and scribbled out all over them. I usually always have one in my backpack, JUST IN CASE!

  1. T-Shirt

I typically always have an extra shirt in my backpack. I live far from both jobs and my friends live there and my coworkers and like…What if I want to go out after?

  1. Change

The bottom of my bag is like a piggy bank of coins. I jingle everywhere I go like Christmas bells are ringing.

  1. Sunscreen

I work in the sun!! I only have the sunscreen for the face so I can rub it on my cheeks, half the time I forget though. #winner

  1. Agenda

ALWAYS! This is what my life revolves around!

There you have it! This is what I always try to keep in my backpack so I don’t need to be scrambling around trying to find everything I own. I’m more of a backpack girl, but the same would apply when I’ve been in my purse-stages of life. But YES, there you go.

P.S One thing you’ll never find on me is chapstick, especially when my lips are chapped and I desperately need it.


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