Can we all just take a minute to let the news soak in for this week? There is WAY too much drama. Stuff that is real, stuff that’s not, stuff that confuses me so much. I just want us all to take a minute, sit, and let this all soak in. I normally don’t talk politics but this is some crazy stuff in political news. 
Okay, I know it’s going to be so random but it has to be said. From pop to politics, let’s chat.

  1. Jeffrey Epstein Suicide – Conspiracy or Truth?

    I know the details are still coming out, but already there’s been multiple different stories, with different details left out. Some are talking into this giant web of conspiracy whereas others are patiently waiting for more info to come out.
    a.  I just wanted to include that Donald Trump, President of the United States, retweeted comedian Terrence Williams. I know it shouldn’t be funny, (ironic? Twisted?) but like… WHAT IS THIS WORLD WE ARE LIVING IN?!

  2. BANANAS!!

    There’s a fungus going around in South America that apparently could cause bananas to go extinct… Like. For real, for real, it could be in 10 years. Or bananas could become super expensive by then.

  3. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Split-Up

    How the heck… they’re basically the celebrity version of high-school sweethearts, meeting on that cute Nicholas Sparks movie-set and being in love ever since. Is this actually happening?

  1. The Whole China Thing…

    Basically Hong Kong had agreed to be more of a semi-democratic government compared to communist China and Hong Kong is moving toward even more democracy and China wants more control.
     Protesters were playing Les Miserables “Do You Hear the People Sing?” in the airport!!!

5.  An NYPD Officer killed himself, and he is reportedly the eighth suicide of NYPD for 2019.

6. A family of 4 was on a camping trip in Canada and a WOLF attacked them! Talk about the movie ‘Back Country’ except that was a bear… scary stuff.

7. Zac and Elizabeth were winners of Love Island USA Season 1!

P.S Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul did get married but it’s not a “real” marriage. I just wanted to include them in here.

Lastly, I JUST RECENTLY heard of the Elisa Lam video which completely freaked me out and made me sad, all at the same time. If you haven’t read the story, go read it. And if you haven’t watched the video, go watch it. Does anyone have any tho

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