Summer Class: PROS/CONS

I can’t even believe I’m writing this.

I took THREE SUMMER CLASSES this summer.

Do you understand how stressed I am? LMAO.

They are all online, but they’re also all English classes. Do you know how much paper-writing I have to do?

It’s a good thing I LOVE TO WRITE!

I just don’t like writing papers. So. There goes that.

It’s fine though, I’m living. Well, I’m breathing. I’m not like “Hey living life right now” material, but I am alive. So sometimes that’s just good enough, right?

My first class was about female writers. I really liked it because it was a lot of Austen, Atwood and Wolstoncraft. Some of my favorites. I did pretty well in the class and my teacher was really nice and understanding so I of course loved her as well.

My second class was 20th century literature… nothing special. It was mostly work I’ve already read since I’m an English major, and an avid reader anyway, so it wasn’t too hard.

Like I said, just a lot of papers. It’s a lot in quantity but it’s also supposed to be anywhere between 15-20 page papers over here.

Just takes up a lot of time, you know?

Now I’m in my last summer class, sci-fy, which I do enjoy to be honest. I got to watch Interstellar which I had been meaning to watch for forever now.


Not taking as many classes in the fall


This summer has been shot.


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