Does Bumble BFF Actually Work?

Honestly, I know people have all heard of the dating sites “Tinder”, “”, whatever. There’s Bumble as well, but Bumble also has two other sections: one for business and one for BFF.

The BFF section can only be for girls, or guys, or both. But just friends. A lot of people use the page to promote businesses they might have: estheticians, hair stylists, make up, social media content, etc. Others are genuinely looking for friends, people to go out and meet up with, some have recently moved to the area.

Personally I found out that Bumble even had this option as a connection through my best friend who lives in North Carolina and she had gotten some clients using it. She encouraged me to download it since I recently moved to a new area and I figured, okay, what the heck, why not? So far I haven’t made that “BFF-Connection”, but I definitely have made friends with some cool, interesting people. It’s a fun little networking app that definitely has it’s perks to it!

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