I love the idea of journaling although I don’t do it that often. Here’s my journaling life (remember, I’m 23 years old)

From about 8-15/16 years old I journaled my whole life. I’d sometimes just write parts of my day, what I’m doing that week, how things went. It was just practice for writing. I enjoyed it a lot but when you get older, you don’t have time for it anymore. I don’t even know how I had time then since I was on a bunch of sports teams.

Last September I had the brilliant idea: lEtS mAkE A BuLleT jOuRnAL

Well, that worked out for maybe a month. I bought my washi tape, stencils, colored pencils, sooo many stickers. It was the cutest thing ever. If I find it then I could totally post pictures because I had a daily, weekly, monthly. I had a page for savings, for mood. I was so into it. Then I just couldn’t keep up with it and bought a regular planner and that’s what I’ve been using since (MY PLANNER IS MY LIFE)

My planner is my life in the sense that if it’s not written in my planner, it’s not happening. I’m not talking about chores or errands (although some I still write, to make sure it gets done if it’s desperate), but some things are a M*U*S*T. Schoolwork, what days I’m working at my job, trips, meetings, blog posts, word count, novel writing. This all goes into the planner. The most important stuff in my life.

Basically my life revolves around an agenda. Who can relate?

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