The whole reading and writing thang

Writing a blog is tough! Hard work. Especially if you’re writing #365 like me 🙂 heh! No complaints here though.

It’s tough to pick a niche so why not write about everything like me? Hehehee. This is more of a lifestyle blog: Travel, school, writings, yoga. Of course, I am a writer so I share some poems and short stories that I have written from years ago until I eventually catch up to now. It’ll be more recent works but until then I want to share the poetry I used to write (I never write poems anymore).

I read more than I write (college heh) so let’s give you a list of my currently reading:

1. The Great Alone (being made a movie!!)

2. You (Current Netflix series)

The reads that are coming soon:

1. 1984

2. Game of Thrones

And the reads I finished just recently:

1. Cocktails for Three

2. Passing by Nella Larsen

All of these books are so completely different from one another but still completely interesting and grips you from the beginning.

I’ll make a list of MUST READS for the summer soon. Books, books, books. My favorite!

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