Why I Stopped Writing For Odyssey Online


To start my own blog.

Story time!

Okay, not exactly “Simple” but… I wanted my own platform. I didn’t like having this deadline – well, it wasn’t even the deadline. It was more that you’re writing for a platform where they basically just want listicles all day err’day and when they don’t want that, they typically suggest more click-bait topics. I don’t like click-bait. I like real. I like things that can make you laugh or cry or sound amusing, not just for views or shares. I did have my time though and I had some pretty well-off pieces as well with a bunch of views.

I don’t write for the views though, I write because that’s what’s in my heart and soul. Because I NEED to.

Anyway, everyone has always said “You should start a blog” whenever I told them I liked to write so here I am, here’s my blog people!!! GET READING 🙂 !!

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