Call Thee, : Poem

Call me what you want
But my anger will remain
The rasp in my voice and voluptuous lips I’ll flaunt
When I speak I won’t refrain
He feeds on me through the night
I can’t help but let it
As if he’s a sort of parasite
This is information I omit
He’ll yell, scream, curse with strife
Not at me, just at friends
It’s hard to believe I long to be his wife.
They think I’ll wed and meet my life ends,
What they think doesn’t matter to me. 

It’s all about him and I, can’t you see?

Published by eleni

I am 23 years old and I love to write. I work (a lot), do yoga, game and love travelling. I aspire to write a book, obtain a graduate degree and hope to leave the world a better place.

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