Dog Training: The Ruff Parts

Last July I got a puppy from a shelter. His name was Guardian, the shelter changed it to Batman, and I changed it to Max. He was only 4-6 months old, as far as we were told. He wasn’t socialized, was extremely high energy and rambunctious, the shelter made sure to warn us multiple times.

I socialized him immediately. I took him for walks, we have two other family dogs, I brought him to the dog park or just for a drive with me. He’s extremely friendly and outgoing little guy which is great. I took him to a puppy training class to help with that as well.

Of course in the beginning months of having him we walked him multiple times a day. I actually fed him out of my hand because I read somewhere that that would help with preventing food aggression (: It did). I house trained him immediately and after the first three days he didn’t have any accidents in the house, so he got used to it. He knows how to sit, lay down, give paw… when he’s calm. We took him to puppy training classes. I only went to 4 because they were teaching us how to train with a clicker and that was just not realistic for me at that time.

NOW the challenge remains: getting him to come, to stay, to not jump on people, when he’s all hyper and excited. Any tips!?

When he’s hyper and energetic, he’ll run bullets around the house. He’ll jump on and off the furniture, and people.

SO next week I have decided to take him to check out obedience classes. He’s a Shepherd Mix, about 40 pounds, extremely cute and only a year old.

I will definitely let you guys know what will come from this!

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