AFTER: The Movie, Thoughts (Spoilers Included)

Okay. I loved the AFTER book series. It completely pulled me in and drowned in the mess of Hardin and Tessa’s relationship. I follow Anna Todd on Insta (Duh!) and love her too. The books were a whirlwind of chaos and romance that I completely was devoured in.

I loved the movie – Tessa was GREAT. Steph was close to what I imagined her to be like – maybe a bit more bubbly?/girly? – Molly was GREAT. So perfect. Zed, Jace. Also really good fits. Loved Landon. The only person I was concerned about was Hardin, just because the image seemed more preppy than punk. I missed how he was supposed to have longer hair AND THAT LIP RING.

But, in the end, I thought the whole thing was perfect. They included major parts which is amazing. The chemistry between Hardin and Tessa was tangible. I wish they captured more of the back and forthness of their relationship, how it was very rocky and not just based upon a dare because even afterward it continued to be unstable.

Overall, I loved it and I hope they are able to capture more of the story in the next film. It’s so much more than just a ‘bad boy/good girl’ love story. They have a deeper foundation as their parents are both messed up in different ways, although Hardin’s dad had found resolution and improved his life greatly.

I CANT WAIT for their to be more movies as I am completely obsessed. Even in the theater you can tell the audience had read the books and were completely head over heels for the movie. IT WAS AWESOME!

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