“What happened with your Yoga Teacher Training??”

I’ve gotten this question plenty, so I’ll explain.

Not every person that goes into a YTT, wants to teach.

Let me repeat:

Not every person that goes into a YTT, wants to teach.

Now, that’s not to say that “I don’t want to teach”, I just KNOW I have a LOT to learn! These are peoples bodies and minds and souls that we are dealing with here! Quite awfully important!! There’s so much more than a 200 hour can really teach you, so I definitely know I’d want to do another YTT. And no, all you out there that are like, yOu HaVe tO bE sUpEr FLexIbLe AnD zEn tO TeAcH yOgA, you don’t have to be anything but yourself. Of course what your goals are in what pertains to yoga make a difference, but the ultimate goal is to be you and to heal and enlighten.

So what happened with my YTT means that I know I have a lot more to learn. You also have to be connected and network to get teaching jobs, although YES teaching in gyms is easier. For every 2 people in YTT in the USA is a yoga teacher. So think about that crazy number!

Basically, all I am saying is that YTT was a great way to show me what I still need to work on and learn more about. It gave me an amazing foundation to build off and when I’m ready I’ll probably do another 200 hour YTT and feel comfortable to teach. I truthfully think that yoga is a constant learning process and every time you step on the mat, when you leave you have changed in some way: whether that be a physical or mental change. There’s a lot to absorb and to gain from this knowledge. Going into different spheres and learning about everything is pretty incredible.

Yoga teaching also takes a certain level of maturity as you have people that could be suffering from external circumstances like death, divorce, sickness etc that take major tolls on their life and need that peace. It’s not all about being bendy, but being able to give peace of mind, because there is SO MUCH wisdom and life lessons behind yoga in the sutras. It’s really overwhelming and interesting and amazing to learn about.

Long story short: when I’m ready I’ll probably take another YTT but the 200 hour YTT that I did do, I learned so much from. I grew so much. I needed it at that time in my life. It gave me an awesome foundation of yoga and a yearning to learn more.

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