English Teacher

I decided I wanted to be an English teacher in high school, but really that bounced between ER Doctor, then the little rampant of Trauma Surgeon, mixed with nursing, lawyer, yoga teacher and of course, author (still my dream)…

But I wrote teacher in my fifth grade year book so that has to count for something, right?  I’ve always loved to read and write so it was really no question for me, other than MONEY, about becoming a teacher. I liked kids. I taught Sunday school in high school. But I started my college career as pre-nursing and after two years of indecision, I don’t know what I wanna be, school is pointless, blah, I decided that I could’ve, and should’ve, just stuck with English teacher, since that’s what my original self wanted. What sealed that was when I went to Poland in 2017 and was part of a language-immersion camp as an English Instructor. I loved the students, I loved teaching and learning a new language as well. What I always had in common though were books, which really inspired me in how much language has a great connection to each other. One girl was obsessed with a book series that I had read, let alone how much everyone loves Game of Thrones and the whole Harry Potter and Percy Jackson series. There were different topics of conversation for each age group and with rich enthusiasm. This was the type of inspiration I wanted in my life forever so when I came back to America I applied to other schools and out of community college to start my life as an English major.

Now, let us come full circle. I got accepted into the Masters program I wanted to get into! YAYYYYYY


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