Nistisima, Vegan/Vegetarian Chilli

HI everyone!  I know I haven’t posted any sort of recipe or cooking type of thing but in fact I do LIKE to cook when I have time. So, I just figured I’d share this little recipe since it is quite filling and delicious:

1 Bag of Beyond Meat Beef
1 Red Pepper (diced)
1 Orange Pepper (diced)
1 Yellow Pepper (diced)
1/2 White Onion
1 Bag of Frozen Corn
1 Jar of Tomato Sauce
Dash of Cumin
Dash of Thyme

It gives a very sweet and spicy flavor. It’s absolutely delicious, nutritious and filling. Instead of the Beyond Meat substitute you could use just plain quinoa, but I enjoy the spices of the Beyond Meat. It’s more than enough to feed 5-6 people as well, which for a big Greek family like mine this is totally necessary! This went nicely with some jasmine rice as well.

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