Goodbye: A Poem


Is filled in my heart
No more love to spare
It has torn me apart
I am blinded by my own despair

Whispers in the halls
I do not look back
My name bouncing off the walls
I have to keep on moving
I can’t get off track
Nothing is ever soothing

My heart has been crushed
my life destroyed
I feel so flushed
Like I’ve been hit by an asteroid

So what else is left to take
I have my heart ache
My lost love
my heartbreak
I was let go of, like a dove

I might as well move on
For the life to come
I was just a pawn
If only I wasn’t so dumb

This abyss of time
This bloody attack
and all the grime
makes me want to go back
To try again
but life’s too short
for fun and games
so goodbye
my love
burns in flames.

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