Where the Devil Roams – Part 1


I’m fourteen years old. I go to a public school, an honors student actually and I live on LI. New York. My full name is Kaitlyn Marie Stepp. I have a sister, Celia and two brothers, Craig and Connor. Craig moved out last year in a house in Brooklyn with his friends. Connor’s only four years old. He has his own room now next to my parent’s bedroom, since Craig moved out. Celia is eight. She sleeps in the room across the hall from me.

I turned fourteen last night. My parents got me a computer for my room. They said that I am old enough to have a computer now. I’m probably not going to use it that much, if at all. Maybe a couple days a week. I don’t play video games like boys in my class and really all I’d need it for is to do homework.

Craig never had a computer in his room. So it would be the first time my parents allowed having one of us with this in their own room. It feels kind of special. Like I’m finally the first to do something. Usually it’s always “Craig did this” “Craig did that”. Sucks sometimes.

Also, last night I was given a responsibility talk about having a computer. Like I shouldn’t give any personal info out, I should always have a private-profile on AIM, what I was allowed and wasn’t allowed to do. It was just a general thing, nothing specific. They’re trying to protect me, I know. There’s strangers out there, I know. I understood what my parents meant by it. I mean, it makes sense. I’d be a bit worried too with all the stories we hear. I also planned to follow those rules because my mom and I trust each other. She says I can tell her anything and I believe her. Craig tells her everything too, he told her about the time he smoked pot, about the times he snuck out of the house to hook up with a girl and even the time the cops got called on him and his friends when they were spray painting the abandoned church a few blocks over. She never gets mad about it, just wants us to be safe. She trusts me. Anyways, now I won’t have to be downstairs disrupting my mom when she’s on the computer checking her Facebook (which I’m also not allowed to have) or my dad when he has to do work on it or my sister when she’s playing the new little kids games that come out. She’s such a dork. I even offered to my parents that Celia could do her homework on my computer. Just so I prove how responsible and nice I am.

All I have to do is follow my mom’s simple rules. It’s not that hard. I know I can do it.

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