Writing Thoughts: Quizilla Days (Part 2)

Back in the day, I used to write for a site called Quizilla. By for a site I just mean that it was similar to watpad. You willingly wrote and people read your stories. I wrote a bunch of creative prose on there at around 12 years old which caught 30,000+ views on some of my stories. Unfortunately, the website was shut down and everything was lost. EXCEPT one of the most popular stories I wrote (30k+ views), Where The Devil Roams. I’m going to proceed to share this short story with you. It might take a while since it is a bit long, around 30 pages. But it’s still short compared to the long stuff we read, right? Heh. Anyways, I figure you’ll enjoy it. Most likely. IN OTHER WORDS: There’s more to come so read my stuff and LIKE IT.

Back to Quizilla. This could be said the beginning of me publicly being okay sharing my work. I always forget about this site because I’d only write shortish stories on there, since you could publish multiple chapters/a preface/epiface, so everything would come in parts. This really helped steer my creative writing as well, because people made ‘banners’ and would ‘ship’ my characters. I wish I had some of the banners that were made for these characters. Some of them were pretty incredible.

This site was really fun and also introduced me to fan fiction. I liked to read fan fiction but I was never a ‘fan’ (ha) (pun) of writing it.

tldr; I’m publishing a short story I wrote years ago that got 30k+ views, so like it.

Do you have any stories/poems you wrote when you were 12 or 13 and you thought were good?!

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