Pressures on Men (maybe?)

The animal kingdom is an excellent example of biological need.

The bird with the best dance, song, brightest feathers… gets the girl. You can see that in many species of bird that the female is very plain, like plain brown. The male of the same species has bright feathers and amazing colors because they need to impress the female. Retrospectively, the female is duller because they need to camouflage better for safety to protect the young.

The strongest moose with the biggest antlers that wins battles against other males, gets the girl.

Biologically speaking, women are programmed to seek out the strongest male for the advancement of the species.  (Survival of the fittest anyone??) To produce the strongest offspring.

In nature, the weak don’t even get to breed. Human culture has evolved so much so to facilitate breeding by everyone, so humans have a lot of weakness, illness, etc within the species. The mountain goat that cannot climb a mountain falls off the mountain. Basically the goat that survive the mountain can breed. The female goat breeds with the goat that can lack horns with another goat and wins the battle on the side of the mountain.

Humans judge power differently because of social construct. But biologically… we are animals. We have a need for shelter, food and protection from danger and physically sound attractive offspring that can survive to continue the lineage.

A strong, good looking, confident successful man that has money to provide, strength to protect, and desirable genetics to breed is a natural aspiration to any female. The one that demonstrates the best abilities to hunt, provide and protect by display of hunting skills is a symbol to other societies.

Basically what I am getting at is that it is natural to think ‘survival of the fittest’. Of course, it might be unnatural in the sense of: How many people actually think like this? As we are, in terms of animals. Probably not many. But we do live in a social construct that us as humans have made. People have valued the strongest, the fittest, blah blah blah. So it does make sense as to why these men are put on a higher pedestal and the pressures that they face in this day and age, to keep up with *maybe subconscious biological expectations* that females place on them. I don’t know, who knows. Just introspection and conversation to be had.

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