A Rant From When I Was Vegetarian

“Since all of you can’t seem to stop asking me, here’s a few reasons why I’m vegetarian”, this is a rant I wrote in my journal one day (LOL).

I’m vegetarian and that is LITERALLY none of your business. What I choose to put in my body to consume has nothing to do with you. ZERO. ZILCH.

Anywhere from buying meatless products to simply just saying “Sorry I don’t want a hotdog” “What?! WHY!?” “I’m vegetarian” Throws everyone I know into telling me that I need my protein and that meat is necessary for me. It’s not like I’m telling anyone of you to stop eating deceased animals, no, I never said that to you. I’m just answering your questions as to why I don’t want any chicken on my salad.

Everytime someone decides to tell me why I shouldn’t be a vegetarian, I immediately cringe, it’s almost an instant reaction. If I were some unhealthy person where my diet was affecting my health I can understand, if you loved me that you’d tell me to change my diet. For me vegetarian isn’t a ‘fad’, it’s my lifestyle. I choose to embrace it. I choose what enters into my body. I don’t “need” meat. I’m not a bacon-obsessed person. Just because I’m not eating meat that is no business to you. I’m not here to debate with you why eating meat or not eating meat is better. You can do you. If you’re going to tell me that we need meat well, you’re simply wrong. We don’t.


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