767: A Short Story

767-767-7670: hi r u there pls help me

767-767-7670: I need ur help im trapped plz help me

767-767-7670: plz


Dad: Gem, u there? Answer me.

Gem: hi dad… im in the middle of something, can u be all demanding l8r?

Dad: No, listen to me: ENDAQ

Gem: Dad? R u ok?


Gem: Where r u! Where’s mom?!


Gem: Uhhh someone’s here… ur scaring me. I’m telling Derek.

Dad: I don’t want you to tell anyone anything, bring Derek, don’t tell. I love you.

Gem: Dad please, just  call me!!!!!



Derek: at your service.

Gem: I want to go on a road trip, is that ok

Derek: lol, did u c the news?


Gemma turns on the TV—there is a government warning sent out and a loud beeping sound.


Gem: r we in danger?

Derek: yes.

Gem: where can we go? What do we do?

Derek: has ur dad said anything? Wouldn’t he know better than me

Gem: No, I haven’t talked to him… hold on, someone’s pulling up outside…


Dad’s Friend Rog: Hi Gemma, good evening. I am actually outside your house right now, could you let me in?

Gemma: UHH Der, Roger’s outside..

Derek: Don’t let him in Gemma! I think there’s a problem, a sort of virus. People are dying.


Gemma: Okay Derek thanks for all your positivity, can u pick me up now

Derek: gimme a sec…ur mom’s outside my house

Gemma: MOM why are you outside Der’s house? Quit being such a freak! I’m HOME. Dad wants us to leave, so can u come home ? Maybe with Derek?


Dad: Gemma, I swear to God if you haven’t left yet….

Gemma: Roger’s outside

Dad: Don’t let him in

Gemma: Why

Dad: What did I say Gemma!? LISTEN TO ME. YOU NEED TO LEAVE. NOW. Go south, just past the gate of West and when you see a yellow pick up truck you get in it and YOU GO!!! BRING DEREK IF YOU WISH BUT HE CANT KNOW ANYTHING. THIS IS AN EMERGENCY, JUST LISTEN TO ME STOP BEING LIKE YOUR MOTHER!

Gemma: OKAY DAD, WELL YOUR WIFE IS AT DEREK’S HOUSE RIGHT NOW, for crying out loud! Why can’t you just let me date! You guys r sooooo protective, but guess what, Derek’s gonna bring mom home so we can leave the 3 of us.

Dad: Don’t bring your mother, Gemma. You have Derek, that’s all you need

Gemma: roger is still outside..

Dad: Do not let him in. Tell him you aren’t home.

Gemma: he’s gonna c me leave when Der comes.

Dad: Figure It out but do not let him see you. I love you Gemma.

Gemma: ok dad I got this.


Gemma: Der… would u mind parking at the Spot

Derek: gem do u hear urself? U want ur mom to know where I cracked that hymen open like a

Gemma: EWWW stop

Derek: like cracking an egg

Gemma: I swear to God Derek come on. Don’t bring my mom. Dad said no mom for the first time ever he’s allowing me to be alone with u

Derek: that bad huh

Gemma: what’s that bad?

Dad’s Friend Rog: Sweetheart, I’m outside still waiting. Please let me in, I’m sure you’ve heard there’s threats happening outside. Are you willing to let me in, I can help you.

767-767-7670: Hi r u there pls help me


Gemma: I can barely help myself, how am I supposed to open the door Der? What if he really needs me. I’ll feel so guilty, I cant do this alone…DEREK, please!

Derek: RELAX!!! WOAH Gem I don’t know what’s happenin’ but ur ma is actin pretty funny she

Derek: She fuck


Derek: she tried 2 bite my mom? Dude, im just gunna come pcik u up. Met me rond the block from ur hoiuse. Can’t talk drivin bg. FUCK!


Panic ensues. Gemma starts emptying her school bag and is throwing clothes inside it trying to make up for the lost time that she’s had texting away. Her heart is racing. She’s sweating. She can’t even imagine what has happened—what did the government do?


767-767-7670: ;there is a black trail, gravel like, it’s hot though. Burns your feet on purpose so to keep you out. You’ll see two doors, they look massive, it’s just

Gemma: Tell me who you are, if you don’t just stop spamming me. You sound psychotic. I’ll tell my dad on u. Thx.

767-767-7670: THERES SOMEONE OUT THERE?!!!?!!?!???!!??!!?


Gemma: Hey Der, uhh there’s this random number that’s been txtin me I didn’t wanna tell you bc I know you’d probably get mad and try to fight them but if you could just be a little mature about it it’s kind of freakngme out.

Derek: For once could u just not get involved in something sos stupid

Gemma: r u clcose? I am a little scared, I hear someone downstairs..

Derek: be fucking quiet. Go thru the window I usuallygo in. jump down and run like a motherfucker.  I am waiting on the corner by that crazy cat lady


All Gemma would like to do is cry, but she has to muster up the strength to actually leave. She slides the window up, her backpack on her shoulders, grabbing the photo of her family and shoving it in her back pocket. She slides one leg out the window, but then realizes she should grab her dad’s gun from the vault. She hops back in and goes to her bedroom door, pressing her ear against the door. She doesn’t hear the footsteps anymore, so she decides to open her door a crack. Her parents room is down the hall.


Derek: u should be half way here by now..


She opens her parents bedroom, it feels so abandoned it’s almost tangible. She opens her parents closet, crouches and goes for the vault, starting to put the code in. Her heart beat is racing, her fingers are shaking and she can feel her phone buzzing in her pocket.

She hears footsteps.


Derek: dude ur worrying me, answer.


She doesn’t know how they found her so quickly, but as soon as she got the vault opened, a gun shot. She fell forward, paralyzed, fear surrounding her.


Darkness ensued.


Gemma: hi,  r  u there?

Gemma: is anyone there?

Gemma: someone, plz answer me

Gemma: I’m scared

767-767-7670: no need to worry. Im here. Just turn around.a

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