How To Do Universal Without An Express Pass

Going to Universal in March is totally exciting as it is Mardi Gras at Universal Studios AND it’s spring break, which means tons and tons of people are headed there as well.

I spent my spring break in Universal and it was a total blast – but 80-160 minute waiting times on the lines were definitely not. Luckily, I didn’t have to wait on any of them because we made sure to be there not during peak hours: In other words, if you’re there early in the morning or later before the park closes, you’re really doing yourselves a service.

After already spending money to pay for the pass, I wasn’t about to spend more money to pay for an express pass (which is a bit elitist, if you really think about it), and instead I chose to do the whole thing about having patience. I didn’t have much of that either though because I was excited and it gets super crowded, so instead we decided to go first thing when the park opened (Before 12 in general) and after 6. It’s perfect. We waited about 15 minutes for Harry Potter’s Gringott’s Escape ride (AMAZING!) when we got out it was at 40 minutes, and not even an hour later 120 minutes. We were lucky.

Also: You have to be picky.  We decided to go on a bunch of rides in Universal Studios when the Mardi Gras parade was happening, in order to see everything that we wanted to see, and instead planned to see the parade later on in the week.

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