BIRD BOX: Spoilers

About a year ago I bought a book called Bird Box. I had it on my shelves up until November when I ravenously decided to read it. The reason I even bought it to begin with was because Dr. Will, Big Brother season 2 winner (and legend), had mentioned it was one of his favorites on Twitter. So of course I instinctively bought it- who doesn’t like a good book?- this book reeled me in quite quickly and makes you fall in love with the eerie, creepiness of it all. I know many of you probably don’t even know there’s a book.

The movie on the other hand… quite different.

First of all, our main character Mallory played by Sandra Bullock is supposed to be younger, which makes a difference to me with her being pregnant and a first time parent and all. Her sister’s death, Shannon, was also not how it happened in the book. The setting was completely different as well. The movie was filmed in North Carolina while the book took place in Detroit. The attitudes that the characters have in the book is different from their demeanor in the movie. Machine Gun Kelly (Felix) had no role of value- what a loose end, what even happened to him? Why did Felix and Lucy just leave like that?

The book definitely gave more clarity as to what happened and why this was happening. Tom’s character had a complete change in the movie as we all know how his death in the book went.

Gary, although acting and storyline was fine, had a very different arc in the book. He was more manipulative and insane than he was in the movie. Either way, both horrible and gruesome.

Bird Box, in my opinion, was much better as a book. The movie was just a bad movie, let alone when comparing it to the book. The parts on the river were slow and boring. Some books just aren’t meant to be movies.

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