“The Rush”

We are at a time in our lives where everything feels as if it’s moving just so quickly. The world as we know it is at a higher vibrational frequency, as are our own ‘vibes’. Especially here in New York, everything moves quickly/quicker than a lot of other places in the country.

As many of my friends abroad always say, Americans live to climb the ladder.

We’re always striving, trying, yearning, growing, wanting, needing something else. Something more. What is that more? We don’t know. Bigger, better, more is what a lot of us live by. And the strain it puts on people my age to live like this… fagettabouttitt.

We’re all 22-23-24 years old just trying to move out of our parents house, with low wage jobs even though we went to college or even better, with college degrees trying to get a job but they all need experience. So we’re in an educational loophole of getting more certified, more specialized. What we really need to be doing and paying more attention to is living presently. We are all here in the present moment and we need to find a way to just breathe it in, not putting energy on the past or present. Life is passing by whether we dwell on every what-if or I-need-to-do-this, so we might as well take advantage of it and take a moment to relax in today, in the now.

Just know that nobody figures their map in life at this age. Careers change, people move, marry, etc. kids are born, there’s no stillness in life, so there shouldn’t be in our perception of it either.

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