If You’re Recklessly Spending Money, You Need This

Some people have parents who will give them money if they need or just pay off their car payment, insurance, gas, insurance, rent, phone, credit card. You name it, their parents got it. Other people are forced to work and get it done their own way. (me)

Neither one is bad, obviously one might wish they have the other, but I guess you have to look at it positively, as it’s a learning experience. All too many times I see people who are handling their own bills, prioritizing wrong. As soon as they are a month ahead on rent, or have extra money so they don’t have to worry about their phone disconnecting for the month, they spend their money recklessly.


I have issues with money too (who else spends wayyy too much on food????)

BUT I also have priorities and know exactly what I need to pay for and when.

Alcohol, tattoos, coloring hair, excessively eating out, nails, make up, new phone/laptop/gaming system/jewelry. Trust me, I get the whole treat yo’ self thing and it’s ok and sometimes even necessary every once in a while. But if you choose to buy an iPhone 8 for $1000, get Chipotle with guac and a Starbucks coffee to start your morning along with a $65 manicure, don’t come to me asking how I afford rent, school and traveling.

Here’s What I Don’t Do:

  1. Drink Starbucks (or any coffee)
  2. I don’t care what phone I have. Give me back the flip phone.
  3. My Nails– I’d rather paint them myself or better yet, have my friends paint them >:)
  4. No Make-Up
  5. I don’t get my hair done- well, not often enough at least to say that I do.

Obviously, I can’t resist Chipotle + Guac (who can?)

Truthfully speaking, I don’t care for any of those things and I don’t spend money on that on a monthly or even weekly basis.

Instead I’ve spent money on a trip to Greece, 2 trips to England, Aruba, Poland, Vegas, North Carolina and Iceland.

(Next week –> Universal, Florida)

And yes, this is all in a matter of 3 years.

So if I can do it, you can surely do it. It’s all about priorities.

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