The Books That Changed My Life

Books are one of my favorite pastimes, as I love to read and by the mounds of books jammed up in my closet over flowingly so, it is evident how much time I spend reading. I love it, getting lost in a book. All the time I get asked “what should I read next?” and recommend all sorts of different genres of novels. I have of course read a few books, that will always stick out to me and I will never forget, ever as it touched me on a deeper level. These are the books that got me reading and made me not want to put down a book.

  1. Dicey’s Song

dicey's song

This series I read in sixth grade and it literally stuck with me ever since. Dicey, at such a ripe age was obligated to lead herself and siblings to safety when her mother abandoned them. It gave me all sort of feelings but the amount of bravery and courage she had I will never forget.

2. I Am The Messenger


I read this in eighth grade and Ed quickly became one of my very characters. He was just very relatable– 19 years old, didn’t know his direction in life, just an every day person that was caught at the wrong time in the wrong place, but given a mission given the cards he was dealt (no pun intended 😉

3. The Knife of Never Letting Go


Reading this in high school, it quickly became one of my favorite reads. It went by fast. I finished it quickly. You’re immediately thrown into the world of Todd, this dystopian no-women world and joining him on his journey.

4. The Hunt


This is definitely a great read!!! TALK ABOUT VAMPIRES. This one goes completely opposite than all the mainstream media vampire-talk. It’s a human living in a vampire world.

5. Don’t Cry


An all-time favorite, this is a pre-Gillian Flynn era in my life, where cliff-hangers and staying up until 3am trying not to cry/panic/freak out was real. I love this book so much as there are tear stains everywhere and it was an amazingly fast read.

7. Where the Heart Is


Anyone can relate to this heart felt, quick read with innocence and sensitivity spewing from the pages. If this doesn’t bring you to tears, I don’t know what will.


These are just the beginning of some of the novels that I read in the beginning of my reading career. I love all of them individually and for as long as I live they will definitely hold a place in my heart. Sometimes, when I hear someone’s read any of these novels it makes me happy to hear because I haven’t really met that many people whose read these. Have you read any of these???

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