Tips on Being a Better Student

I guess with midterms coming up and everything, I’ve just felt the itchiness of being proactive in life and writing lists and being that super-organized freak so they can NOT have a melt down. I’m kidding, it’s not that serious. Obviously applying to grad schools makes me a lot more motivated to BE a better student (hello, I want to be a teacher) but still. Some people need more of a kick in the butt than others.

So I decided to pick a part what makes me such a great student, so here goes it.

1. Front Row, baby

In every single class I am in, I make sure to take the first row, front row seat. I don’t care if it’s 15 students or 300 in the class. I make sure I can make eye contact with the teacher. Sometimes I even like to be the buffer and if I feel the awkwardness when a teacher asks a question and nobody says anything, I’ll raise my hand and take a shot in the dark. More on that later.

2. Take Notes (the handwritten kind)

Write everything down. Whatever the teacher says, and even more importantly, anything the teacher WRITES, make sure you’re writing it too. The value of physically writing things (as opposed to typing, heh) is innumerable, because ‘it’s been studied’ that you remember things you write. So write people. Don’t just sit on FB on your laptop.

3. Study

Study!!!!! Outlines, flash cards, reviewing the material. You need to study, you need to turn your phone off for 30 minutes or an hour and just read and sit with the material. It’s not enough to let it photosynthesis in your brain, ok?

4. Time. Being On Time.

Showing up to class on time is imperative. Being on time equates success.  

Sorry, I made that as #4 but as I was typing I realized, what the actual #4 is…


I can’t even BEGIN to emphasize the amount of people who skip class (tHeY doNt TaKe aTtEnDaNcE) or show up extremely late so they miss the attendance sheet. Be on time. Actually go to class, even if you’re not forced. It’s important.


So yes, tied in with #4 is



A lot of teachers will give pop quizzes (or known quizzes) in the beginning of class. Actually go and be there for them!

6. Participate

I highlyyyy encourage everyone to make sure their professors know you. Don’t you think your teacher will be more forgiving to you if they actually know that you’ve read the material, even though your essay’s grammar or flow was messed up? That you actually try to make a point to be apart of the class?

Okay, that’s enough. I hope this helps. Good luck out there with midterms.


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