Here’s A Commitment, If You Ever Heard One…

WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN???? What’s going on, where did you go?

I am here. Still. On Long Island. Don’t you worry people, I’m here. Alive. I’m making the commitment right now that I will be blogging every single day, so expect a post, I can’t promise what time of day or night it will be, what the content will be, but I figure I want to flex my writing muscles (because being an English major isn’t enough I guess) ((because writing a 600 page book isn’t enough I guess))… I guess, in short, you can say, I like to write.

Of course, for those of you who already know me, know that I’m ambitious. Driven. Goal-oriented.

So my commitment to write is here, a little bit of a PSA, I’ll update you folk on my adventures and what’s been going on, because as usual, there’s always something.

Plus, I’m a story teller and I love to talk anyway so this is a good way to vent and my friends can just choose what they want to read or not, rather than get spammed with a million texts. Heh.

So for this semester, yes, I am in New York. Figuring out my travel plans for the summer—which is super exciting and I’m sure I’ll get a bunch of content collected for.
Then there’s spring break coming up in 2 weeks (HELLO SUNNY FLORIDA!) I need a tan. And relaxation.

This is definitely the MOST stressful (AND LAST… of undergrad) semester of my life. 18 credits. Working. Moving. Graduate applications, essays, GRE. It’s tough, but of course, like all things in life, it’s temporary. That’s what I tell myself at least, to get through. Only 8 weeks left of school, that’s barely anything. Can’t wait for the next chapter to start.
Follow me on my journey. Let’s connect.

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