Here’s this little snippet of fun facts for you.

23 Climbed my first mountain

22 Traveled Iceland in a van

21 Went to Europe TWICE

20 Parasailing in Aruba


18 Rode a donkey down a mountain

17 finished my third unpublished book

16 Read 214 books

15 played on 4 soccer teams

14 my bday gift was getting a Facebook

13 Count down 3:33 AM on my b-day with my BFFS

12 Finally finished Greek school

11 Threw out all my Polly Pockets

10 had a 10.5 bday party b/c I wanted a summer bday

9 Moved back to town

8 I loved lucky charms

7 brother got hit by a bus

6 brother stuck a wooden spoon in his eye

5 Moved towns (no more 1 bedroom apartment!)

4 Her legs work? Started soccer

3 started living in society (pre-K)

2 went to England

1 went from a dark hole onto earth


Now you know how I got to where I am today.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

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