Why Did I Even Start a Blog To Begin With? :)


I decided to start a blog because naturally, for a writer, that should be the next step. I also took EGL 303 at Stony Brook which really pushed me as this was one of the assignments. So here we are.

It’s like a sort of diary anyway, right? Write about what’s going on in your life, things that you would annoy all your Facebook friends by sharing on their newsfeed, instead people can willingly come here and take a look. Sounds a lot better to me. For me, it feels as if publicly announcing that it’s a bit pathetic but here I am, seeking knowledge, advice, support from strangers on another side of the screen and whatever else an online platform could offer. Please don’t judge, or at least not too harshly.

Well aside from the self serving appeal “Oh ya I have a blog” that it has, I also like meeting like minded humans and talking to people with a brain that they enjoy using. The purpose of this blog is to update you and whoever else that this world is actually – as cynical as I can come off sometimes – a big beautiful place! (I literally almost wrote face) It truly is though.

Basically I like to talk about a variety of topics, some might be a teeeeensy bit controversial but I am a diplomat (16personalities.com confirms it) and I have many different interests: travel, yoga, politics, adventure, the random thoughts that I can’t not think about and whatever else comes my way. Really, whatever my self serving bias ass self wants to talk about is what I’ll talk about though. Heh, 🙂

BY THE WAY – many humans have asked me WHY DONT YOU JUST START A BLOG – so I guess here it is. Follow my weird adventures, don’t stalk me tho pls. Okay anyway for the next post I’ll try to actually write something of content.

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