Meme culture was definitely one of my favorite things that we learned about because of how much work is actually taken into account of making a meme. Between different color schemes, celebrity stardom and just capturing very real moments of humanity in a single snap shot with humorous, ironic captions that are also very relatable, is what makes a meme as funny as it actually is.

funny meme

When going over Week 3’s assignments when we analyzed memes and looked at what exactly went into making a meme was definitely one of the most peculiar but fun aspects of the class. The reason I use the word peculiar is because I never, ever thought to analyze memes but once we had done so I was able to see the real value that they played in our culture. We were clearly able to see how much a meme reflects the culture, popularity and social status of our population today.

Being able to make our own meme definitely showed the creativity that we were able to express and also gave us insight as to the common forum of expression we so commonly tag our friends in on our own social medias. Memes could be something as simple as a mood, feeling to something more serious like politics. It is a mirroring of the world that we live in today.

MEME  2.png

This definitely was a great thing to add to this particular class because not only did it make it fun for students, but it also just made me personally learn and realize how much entertainment we gain from memes, but also the humorous and very real aspects of a meme that we see in our everyday life.



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