Welcome everyone, to my little corner of The Internet.
 I’m Ellie. I was born and raised in Long Island, New York. I received my Bachelors in English at Stony Brook University and am currently pursuing a Masters. I wrote for the Odyssey Online before I decided I wanted to be independent, follow my passion and write what I actually wanted to write. I am a news junkie, a journalist in the making, photographer, writer, an avid reader, but above all: a truth seeker. 

You will see the adventures I go on, the ideas that spring into my head and my impulsive nature at eye level. The travel bug has bitten, the words have a nonstop flow from my fingertips to the page and my life is a continuous journey, with a lot of storytelling along the way. I’m the type of person that is always working on something. I always have a project going, so I figure this is a great outlet to share my work.

Really, this blog is all about what happens along the way: sharing experiences, adventures of my real life, the short stories I’ve written and the poems I write. I want to share, connect and learn and figured this is a great outlet for my goals.